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  • 01:05 #IAmOCFL | Laura Lord-Blackwell

    #IAmOCFL | Laura Lord-Blackwell

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    In this edition of #IAmOCFL, Laura Lord shares her favorite part of her job as a Communications Specialist in Human Resources.

  • 01:14 #IAmOCFL Kelly Deutsch

    #IAmOCFL Kelly Deutsch

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  • 01:13 #IAmOCFL | Tim Madhanagopal

    #IAmOCFL | Tim Madhanagopal

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    In this edition of #IAmOCFL, Tim Madhanagopal shares what he enjoys most about working in utilities and water management for Orange County.

  • 00:53 #IAmOCFL | Nina Dorn

    #IAmOCFL | Nina Dorn

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    Orange County Parks & Recreation's Nina Dorn highlights what she enjoys about her role at Fort Gatlin Recreation Complex.

  • 01:02 #IAmOCFL Jasmine Norris

    #IAmOCFL Jasmine Norris

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    In this edition of #IAmOCFL, Jasmine Norris shares what she enjoys most about being a Recreation Leader at Ft. Gatlin Recreation Complex.

  • 00:38 #IAmOCFL | Deja Barnes

    #IAmOCFL | Deja Barnes

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    Deja Barnes highlights what she enjoys most about her role within the Citizens Commission for Children.

  • 00:57 #IAmOCFL | Sabrina Grays

    #IAmOCFL | Sabrina Grays

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    Sabrina Grays shares what she enjoys most about her job at Orange County 311.

  • 01:09 #IAmOCFL Mehul Parehk

    #IAmOCFL Mehul Parehk

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    Did you know Orange County maintains nearly 2,800 lane miles of roads? Learn a bit about Mehul Parekh's experience working in our Roads & Drainage Division. #IAmOCFL